How the Bombardier CSeries became the A220, and why it's the future of Airbus

A 2-part video series on how Canada's last commercial jet fell into the hands of Airbus, and why it’ll eventually replace the infamous A320.

Part 1: Why the CSeries became the A220

The Bombardier CSeries or Airbus A220 has become immensely popular, but was this always a given? Manufacturing difficulties and a harsh competitive response meant that the program could’ve easily fizzled out at multiple points, making its current success all the more impressive.

We go through the full history of the CSeries, covering its past and present en route to an exciting future.

Part 2: Why the CSeries will replace the A320

This video could’ve just been a screenshot of Airbus CCO Christian Scherer saying that “it’s not a question of if, but when a stretched A220 will become the successor of our narrowbody A320 family”, but that wouldn’t make for very good content eh?

To break down this spicy take, that the A220 will succeed the legendary A320, there are various factors at play – the most important of which is likely the competitive positioning of Airbus vs. Boeing.