Why Denver’s car-free experiment is here to stay

The 16th Street Mall is surprisingly good...

Denver is a very weird city.

There's a pseudo-light rail with decent coverage, but it drops you off in the middle of nowhere. The bus network also ok - if you're willing to sometimes wait for 2 business days.

But the weirdest part of Denver's transit might be this ☝️.

Since 1982, the city has been running this shuttle - for free - down 16th Street Mall, and it comes every 6 minutes, 20 hours a day.

I’ve taken a fair amount of transit around the world, and I can honestly say that the free Mallride is surprisingly good. So good in fact, that I had to find someone to help explain why.

And you might once again be thinking: “why should I care”?

Because the Mallride shows us how car-centric cities (like Denver) can still create transit-friendly places - and in this video: we’ll see why it’s here to stay.