How Washington DC fixed their Metro’s biggest problem

An ode to the Silver Line, and how it's never too late to build better transit.

The whole Silver Line ended up costing $5.6 billion: 57% more than the original estimates, and infinitely more than if they had just included it in the initial Metro network in the 70s.

But - I’m taking the Silver Line right now. I don’t have to sit in traffic to get from Dulles Airport into DC - and the same goes for anyone living or working in the Corridor.

I think the main takeaway from this story is that it is never too late to build better transit, and that it only gets more difficult the longer you wait.

Everyone involved - WMATA, the Counties, and landowners - all put in the effort to correct a mistake made over 60 years ago, and now the Silver Line is something that Washington DC can be very proud of.